Wish List


  • Collectibles/Model Kits
    • Haku Yowane Figma
    • Transformers Dark of the Moon Cyberverse Roadbuster, and Deluxe Leadfoot
    • Hot Toys Dark Knight Rises Catwoman.


  • Pass exams. T____T *tries to study*
  • Sega Prize Motoko
  • see GRAPEVINE live
  • see Plastic Tree live
  • see School Food Punishment live
  • see Maaya Sakamoto live
  • see Sting live [doing his GOOD stuff, not tales from the bloody labyrinth…]
  • meet Yoko Kanno. And actually be able to talk to her.

Just Plain Stupid

  • Cyberbrain. [lol… with the local network coverage? COMPLETELY USELESS.]
  • Dishwalla concert in Singapore
  • having a girl sing VOICES to me while playing the piano. Doesn’t have to be Maaya, but…
  • having someone to duet with on vocals and guitar. Doesn’t have to play guitar really. Any instrument would do.
  • drawing/sketching partner? lolz