Alter Ego

I’ve decided to resurrect my old blog identity from when I was more active… almost half a decade ago.

‘Fragile Things’ was the initial name of this blog, and is also the name of one of Neil Gaiman’s short story collections. It’s also a phrase commonly used to describe memories, and all things transient, fleeting and… fragile. I’m hoping that this repository of information, both trivial and not, serves as a reminder to me about things that have gone before.

I’ve decided to forgo that a little. I’ve been dwelling in the past too much, and ironically?… I realized that the main reason I started blogging was to vent. To record things and move on. To help me find my way in life. That was sorta the rationale behind naming my original blog ‘Heaven’s Gate‘ after the Cowboy Bebop movie – I needed a door to a better world.

Let’s hope I can find it this time around.

Call me ShiroKaras [白鴉] for now. The monicker is… representative. After all, I’ve never felt like I fit in anywhere, and there’s nothing quite as jarring as a white crow in a murder of black ones. I’ve gone by other names, but the most common one I’ve used online would be Akimoto Taiki [秋本大気]. My real name shall stay offline.

Due to the nature of some things I post, some of my entries may be password protected. Ask me for the passwords if you’re interested. You may get them.