Rather interesting day, today.

In fact, it’s been a rather interesting couple of weeks, to be honest, but I haven’t really had the time to sit down and write anything… not if I expect to start work on my many, many backlogged MG Gunpla. Just finished the MG 00QAN[T], so that’s kinda a start…

Work today was rather interesting. Haven’t had to hold on to a six year old for dear life before. The over-active little bugger decided to spin himself a coupla times in bed and throw a tantrum while waking up, dislodging the IV cannula we’d inserted, so… we needed to insert another one. With him awake.

Can you imagine the joy we experienced as I bear-hugged him while my four other people restrained wriggling limbs while trying to shove a cannula into his other hand. We all got either bitten, smacked, kicked, headbutted, drooled on, or bled on. I got the brunt of everything, sadly. Arm’s still kinda sore.

Still, he seemed to get out of it none the worse for wear. Hope he’s not been too traumatized. I know we sure were…

Friend’s having a rather bad breakup.

She found out about a week ago that her boyfriend of five years [fiance, actually. They’d already gotten a HDB flat…] was… sorta cheating on her. Exchanging SMSes with another girl. Amongst other things. And this stemmed from her spending less time with him while she studies mass communications so she can get a better job.

From what I can tell, he’s guilty and confused about what he’s doing, and can’t seem to let her go, and… she’s not taking it well either. Crying, being unable to sleep and signs of acute stress reaction are just some of the things she related to me over dinner. She especially hates the false hope he’s giving her, since he keeps telling her that he still wants her, and can’t let go.

Tried to give her advice, even though it sounds ironically hard hearted. Nothing amazingly complicated, but then again, anyone with some degree of reason and common sense would probably say the same thing – give him space, let him think, and get on with her own life so no matter the outcome, she can come out of things independent and on top of things.

I honestly don’t think I can side with either one of them though?… I can see where both of them are coming from so… /shrugs. All I can do is advise that she makes a clean break now, and see if he wants to start something again with her at some point. Seems preferable compared to her raging at him, or trying to force them to get back together which… I dunno. Forcing these things usually turns out bad. Would be a lot better if he made his own mind up. And she realizes that she can live without him if it all goes South.

All I can do now is hope that they make it out of this… happy, no matter how things may end up.

Makes you wonder though. He was complaining that they weren’t spending enough time together. They used to go out every day after work, compared to only once or twice a week now.

… and I only meet my girl twice a week. Thrice tops, if we can manage it.

Granted, our schedules are sorta crappy, but I guess time spent together sorta varies between couples. We Whatsapp or message each other when we can’t see each other, no matter how busy we get and… it seems enough for me. I hope it’s enough for her too. Just the thought that she’s out there somewhere thinking of me seems to make me feel… comforted. And happy.

I hope things only get better from here on out…

/crosses fingers.

This Lunar New Year is going pretty nicely though. 🙂 I spent some time with her and her nephew on D2 while having dinner with one of her friends, so I guess one could consider it as a trial run for whether either of us could cope with a kid… She’s obviously experienced enough, and I guess my old babysitting experience sorta stood me in good stead… but things went pretty well, overall.

She got a rather bad case of laryngitis the day after though, with her decked out at home for 2 days. Knowing the inherent risk of getting it myself, I STILL went down to look her up anyway, just to be sure she’s ok… probably a surefire sign of my innate suicidality, but… Can’t help but be concerned ’bout the person you’re with, non?…

Schedules this week seem rather shiate though. Still, we’re gonna try to meet tomorrow for drinks, and on Friday to catch Underworld: Awakening. It’s probably a trashy movie, but I’ve always kinda liked the character designs… Selene’s in particular. Was tempted to glomp her to death when she said she didn’t mind indulging my tastes and watching the movie even though I warned her it could be absolute crap….

Ah well. We live. We learn. And we long for a happy ending.

And we work for what we want. Even if it might kill us.