I don’t normally think it’s very cute to have the sniffles. It’s kinda hard to, clutching sodden tissues and sniffing and coughing and hacking away.

Then she fell sick.

And gods, she’s as cute as ever, even though she looked kinda miserable and kept keeling over.

… had another tooth yanked today. Some good news though. One of the potentially bad teeth that needed to be yanked has been cleaned out and filled in temporarily, and there may be hope for salvation… mebbe.

And that means… mebbe another two to three visits. >____<


just started watching Berserk properly. Violent as all hell, but rather interesting. Especially the way the battles are done, and the styles of combat.

And as for this season’s… I guess I’m following Last Exile still, even though it’s starting to bore me a little… Nisemonogatari, since it’s supposed to finish Bakemonogatari… Brave 10 for the fight scenes and… Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou. Hilarious.

Almost time for the Lunar New Year. Another short break, which is always welcome. Wondering if I should bring her home to meet the folks, but it kinda depends on whether she’s keen on that idea… and vice versa.

We’ll see.