Not a bad way to welcome in the new year. And given that this is a rather ominous year if the Mayan calendar is to be believed, might as well make the most of it.

Today was a lot busier than previous years, to say the least… most years I usually spent at home with the parents after dinner… Had tried going for a countdown once… and I think almost being trampled once in your life is sorta enough…

This year was a bit more interesting though.

Dinner with parents, as has been the custom for the last decade or so. It’s been in place ever since they realized that my hours made for rather horrendous scheduling, and the possibility of me working on New Year’s and Chinese New Year’s. And most other holidays. So we celebrate them when we can, even if it means deferring it to the day or weekend before or after. Thankfully, I managed to get leave this year, so I’m pretty much covered.

Went to Downtown East after that to join the gang for a while. There were some new faces from Australia who were visiting, and some new friends along too, so things were fun around the BBQ pit. MORE food too, since they needed help polishing stuff off…

Turns out Jerry plays guitar too, and can handle John Mayer pretty well. He’s probably better than me technically, but not big into improv. Exchanging pointers and hearing each other sing and play was fun. Been a while, that. Wouldn’t mind jamming with him at some point. 🙂 Nice to catch up a little with the girls too, even though I couldn’t stay long.

As for why I couldn’t… headed down to Marina Square. She was at the Music Dreamer cafe with some friends to welcome in the new year, and while we both had plans and all… I sorta realized that I didn’t want to welcome in another year just staring at the walls, or my computer… or talking on MSN or messaging. And, more importantly, when the new year hits… I wanted the first person I saw to be her.

She was kinda surprised. I got playfully accused of being a stalker, much to my amusement, but her friends were accomodating, and it was surprisingly fun singing along to old Chinese pop songs [which she never realized I could sing. Mebbe it’s time for a KTV session…]

And when the new year hit, almost everyone charged out to see the fireworks that are customarily set off around Marina. I honestly didn’t expect to be able to see any, given our vantage point, but… I think we were all pleasantly surprised. Granted there was a hotel in our way, but we saw most of the fireworks display… and I even got part of it recorded on my iPhone.

It was awesome.

Dropped her off home after that, after braving the horrendous jam of people making a run from it from Marina to head home, or to other parties. Didn’t feel as bad as I thought it would, waiting in line, but with the company, I guess it should’ve been obvious why.

And I was rather pleasantly stunned when she sorta just leaned in and planted one on the lips. And ran off, which amused me no end, somehow. [It was late, and she has a moderately early appointment… today.]

I’ve been grinning like an idiot since. Can’t seem to stop, even though some of the facial muscles are starting to ache from the unaccustomed strain. I thought about not washing my mouth again too, but given I just managed to get my teeth settled, I needed to brush my teeth, so… /sighz

The grinning threatened to take off the top of my head when she was apologizing for it not being romantic enough. Honestly? More than happy with it, even though it was kinda cursory. It just means we need to experiment a little to make up for it. XD

Very promising start to the new year. Literally, starting the new year right.

Here’s hoping things keep going good, and we have a great year ahead. XD