… to do things one normally would never do. Or even consider.

For the first time in almost decades? I’ve gone to see a dentist.

And what’s even more bizarre? I’ve got a follow-up appointment next week. >_____<

Honestly, I’ve had a thing about dentists for a while. Ever since Primary School, actually. Hard not to when your memories of going to the dental nurse involved drilling noises, scraping noises, and the feeling that your teeth are gonna get yanked out when the vibrations from the scaler don’t make you feel like your skull is gonna hit natural frequency and explode.

Oh, did I mention nails on chalkboard? It’s SO MUCH WORSE when it’s IN YOUR MOUTH.

Anyhow, as a result of this, I’ve sorta avoided going. Kept brushing me teeth and all, and praying that mebbe I was part goat and my teeth would just keep growing out. Or something. Visits were really infrequent and only when essential.

And hell, I skipped a couple of essential visits… I sorta cracked a tooth or two before by accident, and I decided to just bugger it and not go.

And now… I’m voluntarily going to see one when I woulda needed to be dragged in, while not kicking and screaming, at least with a GREAT amount of resistance before.

All because she said I stood a snowflake’s chance in hell of ever locking lips with her if I didn’t get my teeth cleaned.

/headdesk… mebbe I can convince her to come in and hold my hand the next time. >_____<