Clubbing. Sadly, not the kind involving a long blunt object connecting repeatedly with a particular body part, usually the skull.

Was never that big a fan of it, to be honest, but I think everyone goes through a phase where they wanna go to a dark, smoky room full of strangers and dance like a spaz to loud music while imbibing alcohol.

I think I’m no longer in the mood for it, or I’ve outgrown it. By quite a bit.

Some friends wanted to go to Butter Factory tonight. Returning friends from Aussie mainly, and they hadn’t been to Butter Factory for a while, if at all. I’d been there twice… once with some fellow MOs at the end of posting just for the hell of it, and once with the NS MOCC gang. Wasn’t too impressed by it in general. Seemed to be the generic kinda club with a highish cover charge cuz of it’s… slightly ‘classier’ rep, since it’s at Fullerton.

Then again, a club is a club, so it basically means it’s full of youngish people [well, up to around my age, I guess?] either out to get drunk and have a good time, or prowling for prospects. Given I tend to prefer hanging out with friends or listening to live music, already not my kinda thing, but… ah well. Decided to pop in for a bit anyway. Free entry, after all. Gods know why, but I won’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

Ran into Lenne. Pleasant surprise, but I guess partying is sorta a necessity for her, since she’s hanging with socialites in the fashion world now. Seemed to be having fun though. :3

SMSed her about it, and kinda teased her about joining me, but I’m kinda glad she didn’t come. Woulda been nice to dance with her, sure, but… I feel like I’m growing old, and that this is not my thing?… I barely felt any excitement going in there, and the fact that the club was as flat and dead as a cadaver didn’t help matters much. Might have been more fun if she had been there, but… then again… not my kinda crowd. Doubt it’s hers either. Things sorta picked up by 1ish, but that’s… kinda too late already, since the damn place closes by 3ish to 5 latest.

And yeah. Buayas and buayees cruising the dance floor like sharks. I’m not normally the jealous sort, but I woulda literally clubbed them if they had approached her. Not that I doubt her ability to defend herself, no, but I don’t take kindly to watching drunk men trying to shove their crotches at or lay their gropey hands on friends, much less my girl. Might have gotten ugly.

/shrugs. Mebbe it’s just the crowd here. And my age, I guess. I found St James more… fun?… more space, more options, and the crowd keeps more to itself somehow. Less trawling for prospects for a quick lay.

*Sighz*… pity there aren’t any places where slow dancing is an option, or I might bring her there…

… It’s also kinda sad that I found it far, FAR more interesting to sit at PostBar talking, or walking around taking photos of the night view of Marina Bay Sands.

Age catching up with me, I guess?… may not be a bad thing. Preserving my liver and my sense of hearing sounds plenty good to me. 🙂

Besides, I’d much rather spend time with her.