Admittedly two days late, but there ARE supposed to be twelve days of Christmas, so I’m taking that at face value.

Been a weird coupla days on leave. Kinda nice being able to chill at home and not keep plugging at work. Would be even nicer if she was on leave too, but… /shrugs… at least I’m still seeing her regularly.

Two days in a row in fact.

Yesterday was bizarre. Was supposed to meet her for dinner with 妹ちゃんたち, then Game of Shadows… but her dad got hospitalized for some kinda gastric flu pending further investigation for something more sinister… and her mom was worrying herself sick, so she wanted to take a rain check and look after them.

Decided to pop down to take a peek… and in retrospect, that was one of the stranger meeting with the parents I’ve ever experienced, what with meeting her dad while he was in bed with a drip. Had lunch with her and her mom too in Subway too before heading up to see him. Thankfully, he seems well enough… and he probably thinks I’m a irredeemable specimen of geek. OTL

Her elder sis and her family popped in as well, and it was kinda fun watching them play with their kid. And it was amusing how they felt kinda guilty that we’d decided to screw the movie so she could stay with her folks and make sure they both rested, while they were discussing watching Ghost Protocol that evening…

Ended up going to 妹ちゃん’s place and watching GANTZ after dinner. Was rather fun playing with Zach again… I GUESS he seems to be warming up to me?…

Just got back from catching Game of Shadows with her.

Caught dinner before the movie – Five Star chicken rice, and damn, the chilli there is awesome. Dessert after at Obolo, which is now at 112 Katong, but… the macaroons were still good, but the cakes and tarts seemed kinda lackluster, strangely. Hmmm. Not sure if they’re having an off day…

Movie was fun, it was… and DAMN the bromance is laid on thick… as usual, the only convincing relationships seem to be between Holmes and Watson [the old married couple vibe be STRONG.], and Holmes and Moriaty… which… scares me. I wonder how much of it is calculated to drive fangirls wild.

Did something remarkably cheesy after that… we were in the carpark, and right before she got into the car, I held the mistletoe over her head.

Nothing spectacular after that, no. Quick peck on the cheek, readily reciprocated. Not a big fan of shoving tongue from the outset, and we’ll get there eventually… for now, this is enough. And I’ll take what I can get, even if she laughs at me for liking cheap thrills…

And for someone as jaded as I am, I find it hard to believe that I’m actually feeling like a schoolboy back in JC again, and thinking of not washing my face, just so I can… preserve the sensation of her lips on my cheek.

Wow, cue nausea and death from embarassment.

But still. It’s nice to feel happy. XD