… and all through the… /twitch… nah, not going there. There’s been so many parodies of that particular tale, I don’t think there’s much of a point mucking around with it anymore…

It has been one of the best Xmas eves i’ve had though. 🙂

Went to watch WICKED with her at the Marina Bay Sands.

Exchanged gifts when I picked her up from her place… gave her the prerequisite teddy bear [there’s at least ONE in every relationship, from what I can see… of variable size…], and a copy of The Night Circus by Erin Morganstern. As expected, she liked the book more than the bear… and she has probably no idea of how many heart attacks I came close to having over the last month whenever we went into Kino… and went to a shelf with that book on it… and she reached out her hand… and picked up something next to it. /shudder

She gave me a set of clip on lenses for my iPhone, a fish eye, and macro and a wide angle, all in one handy package. And it works pretty well too. XD

Grabbed dinner at Osteria Mozza [many, MANY thanks to Gerald for getting us reservations there…], and… it was rather impressive. Especially the burricotta with radicchio, spiced walnuts, honey & fried rosemary, which was amazingly good.

Yes, I find that name rather cumbersome too, but it’s… one of the MANY dishes involving mozzarella cheese, so… /shrugs…

WICKED was… pretty awesome. The singing was pretty good[only ONE minor off key slipup, and that was debatable]; the set, prop and costumes were killer, and the casting was pretty spot-on. The first half seemed… almost like a high school musical [not THE High School Musical, nope, but all the stereotypical characters and situations were there], and as expected, I found it rather difficult to connect to most of the characters… given I couldn’t [still can’t, actually] stand most of the character types. Only one I had any sympathy for was Elphaba, and that was probably to be expected, since she is one of the leads… but despite that, it was all very meticulously set-up, and done very, very well.

Second half was… where everyone grew up. Like what happens when real life happens to teens. It felt a little rushed, sure, but when you’re trying to chuck in all the references to the Wizard of Oz, it’s hard not to feel that way. It was still done pretty killer throughout though, and I think… I liked the second half a bit more than the first. Felt less cliche.

Popped over to her sister’s place after that to join in the remnants of her Xmas party. She was right – they don’t really look like sisters until you sit all three of them together and the similarities are apparent. They’re hopelessly cute when they’re together though, but no prizes guessing which one I like the most.

Was debating about whether it was sane to drag her around for coffee, or drinks or something at about 2am, but I think by that point we were having an almost coherent conversation with the Sandman and well in his halls, commenting on the candlesticks on the mantlepiece.

Dropped her and her sister’s family [inclusive of a rather zonked out kid, heh] back home. And I’m hopelessly amused that her sister was scolding her for not hugging me goodnight. [smooching seems outta the question for now. Anyone know any good dentists? /sighz]

… it’s a pity I didn’t get to use something hidden in my bag though. Ah well. Twelve more days of validity…