Live and Learn.

Rather interesting day, today.

In fact, it’s been a rather interesting couple of weeks, to be honest, but I haven’t really had the time to sit down and write anything… not if I expect to start work on my many, many backlogged MG Gunpla. Just finished the MG 00QAN[T], so that’s kinda a start…

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I don’t normally think it’s very cute to have the sniffles. It’s kinda hard to, clutching sodden tissues and sniffing and coughing and hacking away.

Then she fell sick.

And gods, she’s as cute as ever, even though she looked kinda miserable and kept keeling over.

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Relax, this is not going to be a lengthy scientific discourse.

There’s plenty of ways to prove your lineage. Phenotypical evidence, which basically means you look like the people who brought you here; genetic evidence, which shows by means of matching of DNA that your parents share genetic code with you and are therefore very likely to be your parents. Continue reading

Grinning Like An Idiot.

Not a bad way to welcome in the new year. And given that this is a rather ominous year if the Mayan calendar is to be believed, might as well make the most of it.

Today was a lot busier than previous years, to say the least… most years I usually spent at home with the parents after dinner… Had tried going for a countdown once… and I think almost being trampled once in your life is sorta enough…

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Revisiting The Clubs.



Clubbing. Sadly, not the kind involving a long blunt object connecting repeatedly with a particular body part, usually the skull.

Was never that big a fan of it, to be honest, but I think everyone goes through a phase where they wanna go to a dark, smoky room full of strangers and dance like a spaz to loud music while imbibing alcohol.

I think I’m no longer in the mood for it, or I’ve outgrown it. By quite a bit.

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Invoking Tradition.

Admittedly two days late, but there ARE supposed to be twelve days of Christmas, so I’m taking that at face value.

Been a weird coupla days on leave. Kinda nice being able to chill at home and not keep plugging at work. Would be even nicer if she was on leave too, but… /shrugs… at least I’m still seeing her regularly.

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Emotional Rehabilitation

Christmas. The Winter Solstice. Yule. Midwinter. Many names for the same holiday, though the first is the most well-known. It’s a remarkably well-celebrated holiday around the world as well, to say the least…

And in addition to having parties and stuff at this time… there are people who decide to hold their weddings on this holiday too…

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